Wee Hobbit Sweaters

by Natalie on October 29, 2013

Remember these little sweaters I was knitting? They were gifts for my friend’s kids in England. You can imagine that there was a bit of a scramble to get them done in time. When I left for the airport I had the knitting done on one, but no seams or ends woven in, and the body plus half a sleeve done on the other.


By the time I got to my gate I had finished that first sleeve and started on the second.


I managed to finish both of them except for a few ends by the time I arrived at my friend’s house Saturday morning.

They were perfect! Everyone loved them, even the little girls. Knitting for the small people can be a little tricky and I had never even met these ones before. I didn’t know what colours they would like, or if they even liked sweaters. I was a little worried about what the reaction would be. In the end there was no problem. There is no praise so high for a knitter than a 2.5 year old who refuses to take her new handknit sweater off and insists on having the hood up at all times.





Yarn is Cascade 128 Superwash. I used 4 balls of each, with just a little leftover.

Pattern is Tassle Tops from the book Kids’ Knits.

I knit the 4 year old size for both girls. One is almost 3, the other 2.5. They haven’t been washed, so I imagine they will block out larger and fit this year and next.


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